RECOLLECTION, Dir. Kamal Aljafari
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18:30 Sun 19 Jan 2020

Regent Street Cinema

Kamal Aljafari’s experimental work, Recollection bears witness to the destruction, repopulation, and gentrification of Jaffa.

The film comprises footage taken from Israeli and US films made in Jaffa between the 1960s and 1990s - some of the only films to have documented the city ahead of its ongoing destruction and redesign.

Filming in Jaffa was needed for the propagation of Israel’s fictional history; this required the systematic erasure of Palestinian history. In an act of resistance to this erasure, Aljafari repurposes found footage to re-narrate his city. He erases all actors, leaving the passers-by who appear in the margins of the frames. Guest programmed by Faye Harvey. 70’

Kamal Aljafari will join us in conversation following the screening.

Regent Street Cinema

309 Regent St, Marylebone
0207 911 5050
Adult £12 / Concessions £11


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    Kamal Aljafari 70 mins (PS, 2015)

    A visual tour around Jaffa, through rare archived footage that subtly depicts every house, road or square. A visual memory record of a city, people and parents in a city that was once known as the "Bride of the Mediterranean".