COMMAND LIST, Dir. Will Farrell
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Loves Me Not

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14:00 Sun 13 Jan 2019

Regent Street Cinema

A darker look at the world of relationships and love at its extremes, challenging notions of nice guys, healthy relationships and modern romance. Watch out for Amit Shah (Breathe, Dr Who) and Alexandra Roach’s (Black Mirror) meet-cute at an orgy, and the new film from Charlie Lyne (Beyond Clueless, Fish Story) recounting the trial of sixteen men for sadomasochism in Thatcher’s Britain. 91’

Content Notice: Please note, this programme depicts incest.

Regent Street Cinema

309 Regent St, Marylebone
0207 911 5050
£12 / concs £11 / UoW staff & students £7

    Jassa Ahluwalia 15 mins (UK, 2018)

    A shy teenage outcast strikes up an unlikely school romance with a cool new girl from America.
  • 23 RED

    Julia Hart 10 mins (UK, 2017)

    In her world Jendal is a small time revolutionary, locking her clients’ electronic devices in a safe and helping them to reconnect with their humanity.

    Will Farrell 10 mins (UK, 2018)

    A woman has the power to create a perfectly satisfying sexual encounter— but what will she have to do in return?
  • BABS

    Logan George, Celine Held 12 mins (US, 2018)

    An estranged son discovers an alarming purchase made by his late father.

    Charlie Lyne 14 mins (UK, 2018)

    The story of sixteen men put on trial for sadomasochism in the dying days of Thatcher's Britain was told by the police, the prosecution and the tabloid press — but not by those in the dock.

    Nic Fforde 15 mins (UK, 2018)

    A fifteen minute satire, which pokes fun at advertising and stereotypes through the lens of a faithfully recreated 1970s cigarette advert.

    Sam Baron 15 mins (UK, 2017)

    A romantic comedy about a heartbroken guy who throws caution to the wind and goes to an orgy.