HOLY BEEF, Dir. Dwayne Gumbs, Iain Simpson
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Funny Shit (at ICA)

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21:15 Fri 11 Jan 2019

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A balm for the January blues. LSFF’s traditional opener of laughing matter returns and this year doesn’t disappoint for star power with Steve Oram (Sightseers), Harry Enfield and Isy Suttie (Peep Show) taking their turns on the big (short) screen. There’s Paul McCartney conspiracy theories to be gotten to the bottom of, jilted bridegrooms, ill-timed apparitions of chain-smoking mums and er, faces growing out of necks. 93’

LSFF New Shorts: Funny Shit also screens at Regent St Cinema, 9.15pm, 12th Jan


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
Full £13-4 / Concessions £11-2 / Blue Members £7-8


Please find all access information here, or drop a line to Helen MacKenzie at access@shortfilms.org.uk for more information or special requests.

  • THE 1ST

    Mark Waites 13 mins (UK, 2018)

    A first-time director has one day in which to capture thirty seconds of film - what can possibly go wrong?

    Duncan Cowles 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    Using his failed attempts at creating profitable stock footage, a filmmaker reflects on the absurd, mundane and funny side of being trapped inside your own head as an out of work, self-employed freelancer.

    Peter Lee Scott 12 mins (UK, 2017)

    It’s an average day in an unassuming courtroom in 1979 when courtroom illustrator Anne's world gets turned upside-down as a convict, and the love of her life enters the room.

    Dwayne Gumbs, Iain Simpson 11 mins (UK, 2018)

    Due to bad case of the mumps, Slicker and his crew risk defeat in an escalating college beef.

    George Moore 14 mins (UK, 2018)

    Hungover and at each other's throats, John, George and Ringo must convince a sheepish rural lookalike to join the band after Paul dies during a disastrous musical retreat.

    11 mins (UK, 2018)

    Having dreamed of the perfect wedding, Laney wakes up with the world's most unwelcome wedding guest in her bed

    Freddy Syborn 15 mins (UK, 2018)

    When a misjudged referendum on capital punishment comes back 50.9% in favour of hanging, a group of inept junior civil servants meet on the first day of their new job in the Department of Capital Punishment.

    Kim Albright 13 mins (UK, 2018)

    Claire is a young woman without direction, and Michael is a director without a production - when they meet, she tasks him to direct her through her daily life