CLOSE TO THE BONE, dir. Lewis Wardrop
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Death Is Not The End

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20:30 Fri 19 Jan 2018


Number up. Chips cashed. Dust bitten. A programme of shorts taking us beyond the veil. Drama and black comedy rub shoulders - spirits play poltergeist with a young couple in trouble, an elderly woman gets her revenge after years of abuse and kids are ghoulishly drawn to investigate a dead body. Look out for Gemma Jones (God’s Own Country, Bridget Jones’s Diary). 94 mins


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
£14 / concs £11

    Rocky Palladino 13 mins (UK, 2017)

    To prove themselves to an older gang, Lee and his reluctant best friend Sonny- both 11-years-old- break into a rundown house and stumble on the body of a dead man inside. The body is not quite what it first appears and it is not long before they realise they are in very real danger.

    Julia Hart 15 mins (UK, 2017)

    A young woman visiting her hometown is on her way to a party when she suffers a shocking accident. Can she still face the people from her past? Sparta North: a fable about regret, old wounds and returning home.

    James Gunn 12 mins (UK, 2017)

    A couple move into a new house where they disrupt the mundane existence of an ageless entity.

    Kevin Pickering 14 mins (UK, 2017)

    Ben’s complex eating disorder is damaging his relationship with his girlfriend Zoe, and he can no longer cope. When Zoe presents Ben with a last chance, the stress of preparing a meal for them triggers a series of childhood memories, which force Ben to confront the dark and horrific childhood abuse of his father.

    Paul Murphy 9 mins (UK, 2017)

    An elderly widow reasserts her own sense of independence with a surprisingly unconventional yearly pilgrimage to her late husband's grave. Starring BAFTA winner Gemma Jones as Judith, Una Stubbs as Vera, and Graham Seed as the Vicar.

    Benjamin Bee 14 mins (UK, 2017)

    Daniel, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hasn’t seen his identical twin brother Mordechai in years, but today is their fathers funeral. A funny and touching fable about family, faith and the roles we play.

    Ian Robertson 17 mins (UK, 2017)

    16-year-old Hugh is living a nice, normal, teenage existence when a past life's unsatisfied urges make him want to sleep with his girlfriend's mum and kill her dad. He finds it all very confusing.