AFTER THE VOLCANO, dir. Anais Colpin
New Shorts

INTERNATIONAL: Based On True Events

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19:00 Fri 19 Jan 2018

Regent Street Cinema

The tension between fact and fiction has long been fertile ground for filmmakers across the globe. In this programme we explore the exciting, groundbreaking ways in which the two intersect. From stop motion explorations of historical trauma to an avant-garde re-telling of the life of Nikolai Tesla, these films showcase visual and formal innovation with powerful stories pulled straight from the world around us. 88 mins

Regent Street Cinema

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£12 / concs £11 / UoW staff & students £7

    Axel Danielson / Maximilien Van Aertryck 12 mins (SE, 2017)

    When we tune into a newscast, we expect a reassuring authority, but is what we see anything other than a performance? Shot behind the scenes during a live broadcast, Because the World Never Stops is a revelatory look at the hidden side of the evening news.

    Laura Ferrés 19 mins (ES, 2017)

    Los Desheredados is a portrait of the director's father facing the end of his family business. Pere Ferrés is 53 years old and owns a small bus company. Lack of money forces him to drive clients who destroy his vehicle to bachelor parties, but he is not prepared to lose his dignity.
  • SNIP

    Terril Calder 15 mins (CA, 2017)

    SNIP cuts up colonial Canadian histories by telling a story of survival amidst the country's genocide of Indigenous children. Annie and Gordon travel back in time to save Charlie and Niska, trapped in a nightmare reality designed to eradicate their culture.

    Alán González 15 mins (CU, 2017)

    A peaceful young woman who lives in a marginal neighborhood of Havana, has been robbed. Again. Although she knows who the thief is, she says nothing. However, she is one abuse away of embracing the violence she has been rejecting so far.

    Léo Favier 18 mins (FR, 2017)

    The earth quakes, ashes fall from the sky, and there’s this fire that firefighters don’t get to extinguish. The villagers decide to take refuge in the forest. Surronded by wild beasts, a new life begins.

    Matthew Rankin 9 mins (CA, 2017)

    New York, 1905. Visionary inventor Nikola Tesla makes one last appeal to J.P. Morgan, his onetime benefactor. THE TESLA WORLD LIGHT is a tragic fantasy about the father of alternating current, inspired by real events such as the inventor’s run of bad luck as a businessman and his affection for a pet bird, which he loves “like a man loves a woman.” Tesla’s words to the banker form the backdrop of this moving film about the man who blended science and art in his attempts to create the utopia of unlimited energy for all.