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NEW SHORTS: Experiments: Celluloid Traces

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13:00 Sun 14 Jan 2018


Interrogating and celebrating all things celluloid. An immersive programme of analogue experiments plentifully serving niche and nostalgia - from the found footage manipulations of LSFF regulars David Leister and Illoobia, to the crackling of hand developed Super8 and 16mm. Archive is weaved into documentaries on the M62 and life in the GDR, and we see Fifties housewives and home movies distressed beyond all recognition. 93 mins


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
Full £13-4 / Concessions £11-2 / Blue Members £7-8


Please find all access information here, or drop a line to Helen MacKenzie at for more information or special requests.


    Mark Jenkin 8 mins (UK, 2017)

    An encounter between 3 artists on a cliff edge in far west Cornwall, leads to a discussion about process, light and breaking the skin of fruit. 16mm Kodak Ektachrome | Audio Cassette

    Andreas Grützner 9 mins (DE, 2017)

    A family portrait told through Super8 footage and old tapes from 1975-77. In it’s essence the question about belief. A boy and his dilemma to stand between the wish for freedom, struggle in adoleszenz and strong urge for Christian enlightenment from his family background. At the same time the few back on death of parents and remaining questions.

    Helga Fannon 3 mins (UK, 2017)

    Even Here Even Now interprets the voyage of Yuri Gagarin, the first human to travel into space. Through a mostly abstract, at times playful and at times austere lens, the film aims to explore the societal and personal context in which Gagarin travelled to space, and what such a journey meant to Soviet society and to the people on the ground.

    Jenny Holt 7 mins (UK, 2017)

    A continually looping journey over the summit of England’s highest motorway, junction 22 of the M62, where the road crosses the Pennine moors and the Pennine Way footpath crosses the road. The play of forces at the location reverberate with histories of the motorway’s problematic construction in the 1960s.

    Fenglin Chen 5 mins (MO, 2017)

    A romantic relationship blossoms between a man and a woman when they first meet in a delicatessen. Their desires get projected onto the food, turning them alive, into uncanny mutated composites of limbs and organs. A supermarket lovestory that plays with food as a metaphor of sensual desires.

    David Leister 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    Sally Rand's famous Bubble Dance routine is re-created and reprinted in a 3D-ish effect, this time with extra added foley.

    Edwin Mingard 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    Commissioned by the BFI and Wellcome Trust, and supported by lab and Kings College London, Emotion Out is a film by Edwin Mingard that explores the link between perceptual and emotional issues in the mind and the camera. The film uses photochemical techniques and experimental processes to playfully deconstruct the politics of sensory experience.

    Tom Chick 6 mins (UK, 2017)

    Monument Part One' mixes diary film, interviews with early cinema collector Peter Jewell and landscape filmmaking compiled over a year to explore ideas of transience, birth and cinema.

    Iloobia 5 mins (UK, 2017)

    ‘Films to Break Projectors’ glues, scrapes and splices 35mm, 16mm, and 8mm film to create defective and unprojectable celluloid collages, made from a combination of orphan and self shot footage. Hi-res scanning and digital stop motion reanimates the material revealing the potential motion and colour music within, where traces of ambiguous narratives emerge from the complex loops.

    Susu Laroche 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    Flood (4.06, 2016, UK) In miasmatic apas, Lustration. Memphis reborn. Cheers to the flood that took everything away. Original sound by Ana Caprix. Dresses by Louis Backhouse. Featuring New Noveta.

    Célia Hay / Anne Vimeux 3 mins (UK, 2017)

    The film is about a pilgrimage that took place by the River Thames. As part of this journey, Célia Hay and Anne Vimeux walked from the Thames’ source to its mouth. They captured thus the isolation of living in autarky, the gestures of their everyday routine as well as some rituals. A certain sens of loss emerges from this strange pilgrimage. As and when the walk progress, some odd silhouettes and events occur. The physical and mental effort of the walk leads to a dissolution of the bodies which appear then as some kind of ghosts. Eventually, as their journey ends by the sea, they reach a certain state of sweet madness.

    Julian Hand 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    Emma Tricca’s song visualized in photo-chemical flare, flashes in my mind’s eye; Street signs, signals, cafes and their patrons, brickwork, paving, concrete and glass, fire escapes, steam vents, rooftops and skyline, subway trains, Coney Island baby’s, sunsets over Manhattan from way-up-high to the Hudson shimmering in winter haze, let's fly. All things I believe indicative of New York from a strangers cine-eye.

    Andy Sowerby 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    Origami is a spontaneous fold of sounds and abstract imagery with the impulse of being able to soar in the sky and not be afraid to crash on the ground as the aftereffect. The film was made by scratching and painting directly onto found super 8mm celluloid film; it spontaneously flickers and burns until it begins to break apart.

    Alex Wright 3 mins (UK, 2017)

    Dissimulation explores the concept of metaphorical masks and the effects that they can have on the people wearing them. These masks are worn for any number of reasons and can be deeply rooted, but how often is it considered that not being true to yourself could be causing unseen damage?

    Autojektor 3 mins (UK, 2017)

    A collaboration between London based filmmaker Autojektor and Iowa grindcore outfit Closet Witch, creating a furious wall of hardcore punk and the mutilated faces of super8 families.

    Linda Ward 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    Notions of a divine feminine and aesthetics and technology come together in the short film Mary Blue.

    Shinya Isobe 17 mins (JP, 2017)

    A feast is laid out on a table nestled among the roots of a tree in a forest. In a 16mm time-lapse the food gradually rots. Watching this time pass, our imagination conjures images of various things, including death, and spins its own tales until eventually, as the table becomes a mound of grass and new shoots begin to grow, while being struck and shaken by the mystical nature of time we come to embrace the rebirth of hope.