PEOPLE, dir. Matt Jones
New Shorts

DOCUMENTARY: This Small Island

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17:00 Sun 14 Jan 2018


Hierarchies. D.I.Y. Hidden lives. A nation of animal lovers. Immigration. Migration: who are we? This selection of beautifully observed documentaries explores the complexities and hidden communities of the British Isles. 89 mins


The Mall, St James's
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£14 / concs £11

    Charlotte Wolf 12 mins (UK, 2017)

    After 13 years working in prostitution, 58-year-old Sally is nearing retirement. She looks back on life, love and the thousands of men she has known.

    Elena Andreicheva 30 mins (UK, 2017)

    "Polish Go Home" is an unorthodox migration story about a troubled character trying to find his place in the world.

    Nicolas Jones 12 mins (UK, 2017)

    John collects wild produce that has recently become in demand through the gentrification of East London and the influx of trendy restaurants. These popular restaurants are after the freshness of locally handpicked food and John 'The Poacher' knows where it’s to be found. Following John through each season gives an insight into the rich produce that is there for us all, if only we could remember.

    Ruari Muir 11 mins (UK, 2017)

    Ruari remembers a giant crane turning up outside his parent's house in London, 2001. His unusual nextdoor neighbour, Steve, had spent the previous nine years building an ocean-going yacht in his back garden. Ruari lost touch with Steve and his family in 2001, but tracked them down in 2017 to find out what happened.

    Dan Emmerson 7 mins (UK, 2017)


    Stella Scott 5 mins (UK, 2017)

    Reverie: to dream & daydream Reverie captures the consciousness of youth. The film explores the thoughts and feelings of young Londoners and reveals a world of fragile dreams, undefined by daily reality.

    Matt Jones 4 mins (UK, 2017)

    People is a short film which follows a group of strangers as they have their say on the issues that surround and affect their lives. Manchester, England.

    Marie Cecile Embleton 8 mins (UK, 2017)

    A poetic portrait of an Iranian watchmaker, whose philosophical musings on craft invite us to reflect on how we engage with time in a fast-paced world. Moving between his colourful pared-down home and the streets and windswept marshes of East London, we discover the horologist’s ascetic and beautiful private world.