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SPECIAL EVENT: White Trash Girls, Gun Girls & Riot Grrls + Panel

This event has ended.

17:00 Sat 14 Jan 2017


“Riot grrrl is not a genre, and certainly not a historical genre, it is a set of tactics women can use to ignite each other.” - Julia Downes

The early Nineties saw revolution girl style, with hard-hitting political, female-led punk bands such as Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Bratmobile, Seven Year Bitch and the Voodoo Queens cropping up across the US and UK. Using confrontational imagery, a generation of female filmmakers looked to the scene for inspiration, drawing from the trash aesthetics of early John Waters and Sixties & Seventies exploitation cinema, re-invented as a feminist statement. These filmmakers and musicians led the way into a second wave of feminism emerging from the underground. This short film programme brings together some of this Riot Grrrl influenced work, followed by a panel including Gina Birch (The Raincoats), Tamra Davis and other filmmakers in the programme, hosted by Mia Bays (Birds Eye View).

Attendees of the screening will receive a specially commissioned zine, edited by Clara Heathcock, drawing on the content and ethos of the films, putting them in the context of the contemporary UK DIY scene. Including contributions from Ingrid Francis (archivist at the Salford Zine Library), Cherry Styles (editor of The Chappess), and Tilly Makemson (organiser of A Carefully Planned Festival).

THE DEVIL INSIDE [WHITE TRASH GIRL #2] Jennifer Reeder, US 1995, 8 min

IN SEARCH OF MARGO-GO Jill Reiter, US 1994, 35 min

GUN GIRLS Victoria Harwood & Lucy Newman, UK 1997, 5 min

LISA AND JEAN Mary X, UK 6 min, 1995

THE JUDY SPOTS Sadie Benning, US 13 min, 1995

NO ALTERNATIVE GIRLS Tamra Davis, US 1995, 6 min

DAMSEL JAM Sarah Miles, UK 1992, 13 min


The Mall, St James's
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£14 / concs £11