New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Midnight Movies (Hackney)

This event has ended.

23:00 Fri 13 Jan 2017

Hackney Picturehouse

Horror, shown as only it should be: late night, Friday the 13th. Settle in for a healthy dose of gratuitous gore, zombies, plentiful shocks and downright cult weirdness to see you into the early hours. Watch out for a disturbing turn from Simon Amstell.

This event also takes place at Picturehouse Central. See details.


    Thomas Perrett 15 mins (UK, 2016)

    A man takes a job as the guardian of a rundown London house. Charged with keeping the property secure, he soon realises that it's not the building that needs protecting, but himself. A malevolent dark cult from the past, resides within the building and they are hunting for new members, stopping at nothing to make you, join them.

    David Chaudoir 17 mins (UK, 2016)

    Marvin Maskelyn is a washed up TV hypnotist whose fame and fortune has run out. After losing his, he acquires a genie lamp with a chequered past and some LSD blotters within. With nothing left to lose, he takes one. Maskelyn’s visions of success are haunted by a malevolent presence. Bad Acid is wry, dark fantasy on the price of fame. A supernatural social satire and a love-letter to the British horror films of Amicus, Hammer and Tyburn.

    Pedro Martin-Calero 5 mins (UK, 2016)

    Pedro Martin-Calero takes inspiration from a real life phenomenon in his short 'We Are Awake' which addresses the relationship between fear of the unknown and the human condition.

    Samuel Smith 8 mins (UK, 2016)

    In this stylish, action, kung-fu tragedy, a father fights to protect his family against the terror of the Tengu – Birdmen of the mountains.

    Charlotte Colbert 15 mins (UK, 2016)

    A girl struggles to come to terms with the absence of a lost love. Isolated and totally cut off from the world – she orders a doll, in his exact likeness. Little does she realise, there’s another man just across the street who at the very same moment in time, is falling in love with her.

    Rob Savage 12 mins (UK, 2016)

    When a sonic pulse infects the hearing population, a small group of Deaf people must band together to survive

    Mat Johns 10 mins (UK, 2016)

    Unexpectedly reunited with his daughter amongst the ruins of the world as they knew it, a father is determined to make this day special, even if they are already dead.

    Mark Kuczewski 6 mins (UK, 2016)

    One year on from Jeremy’s unforgettable wedding day he decides its time to take control of his future. Tonight is the night he is going to rekindle his forgotten love with his undead demon bride. Jeremy is going to give his bride the the first dance she never got on the day. Will this be enough to make her remember the love they once shared together.