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SPECIAL EVENT: WITH TEETH: Alex Z Taylor - Outsiders Inside Us + filmmaker Q&A

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20:30 Thu 12 Jan 2017


As part of With Teeth 2017, LSFF has commissioned Alex Z Taylor to create a new work, premiered here, drawing on his themes and obsessions with outsiders and teenage subcultures. It will be screening alongside his loose and improvised short films that blur the lines between documentary and fiction, giving us a unique view of 21st century multi-cultural teen tribes. Here’s a chance to see alien abductees, cosplay, goths, religious freaks, and underground communes, as well as some exclusive outtakes from his Spaceship debut feature.

Alex will join us for a Q&A about his work.

KIDS MIGHT FLY Alex Z Taylor 7 mins, 2009

RELEASE THE FLYING MONKEYS Alex Z Taylor 9 mins 2010

SPACESHIP Alex Z Taylor 7 mins 2012

TANK DANCE Alex Z Taylor 4 mins 2016

LILY GOES TO KISS LAND Alex Z Taylor 2017 (With Teeth Commission): A 9-year old girl who finds out she is moving school to be with “other special kids”, becomes obsessed with the idea of turning into a robot. Her older brother, a wolf-loving dark metal singer and the only one who seems to understand her, starts to worry. When she leaves to find the elusive Kiss Land, he follows her.

Join us in the ICA Bar before the screening, where Alex will be performing as Nawixela: an improvised duo playing guitar, saxophone, a toy record player, and cheap casios, with reverbs, delays, loops, and samples.

Please note: Alex’s debut feature Spaceship will be screening at LSFF on Saturday 15 January.


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
£14 / concs £11