The Vines of Limmy
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SPECIAL EVENT: The Vines of Limmy + filmmaker Q&A

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18:30 Thu 12 Jan 2017

Picturehouse Central

Glaswegian comedian Limmy (Brian Limond) first gained national acclaim in 2010 with his BAFTA winning programme Limmy’s Show. Transcending the conventions of the sketch show format, the programme was unique for its triumphant and unapologetic Scottish personality and in its ability to be at once disconcerting and melancholic. Running parallel to the accolades of his TV success, Limmy was an early adopter of social media’s creative potential, utilising Twitter and Vine to create a continuous body of work that is frenetically contradictory in its ability to be provocative, naïve, insightful and knowingly dumb.

His Vines in particular provide a unique and deliriously disturbing insight into the existential terrors of the 21st century, with paranoia, mental illness, sexuality, boredom and the Internet all coming under scrutiny in hundreds of these six second long films.

For tonight’s screening of 600 of Limmy’s Vines we are pleased to be able to welcome Limmy for a post-screening Q&A hosted by Armando Iannucci (The Thick Of It, Veep). 

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