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NEW SHORTS: Sketch Night & Live Comedy

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19:00 Thu 12 Jan 2017

Moth Club Moth Club

Laughs galore in this hilarious selection of short, sharp hits. Cold callers, mistaken identity, a job interview, role reversals, and guardian angels are all game for quick-fire comedy.

Interspersed with live comedy acts, featuring Wisebowm: described by Fresh Air Radio as the ‘Eminem of comedy ray’ whose debut show received 4 stars from Fringe Guru, at Edinburgh Fringe 2016, and Joan+May: a comedy duo with a taste for the extra-ordinary. In association with Short Sighted Cinema.

Moth Club

Old Trades Hall, Valette Street
E9 6NU
020 8985 7963

    Philip Clyde-Smith 9 mins (UK, 2016)

    Mr. Jameson is having a Thursday like any other. That is, until arriving home from work to answer a cold call the likes of which you've never come across. And hopefully never will. Mike is an employee of the Suicide Hotline, and he takes his job very seriously. Only the Suicide Hotline isn't in the prevention game - as Mike himself would say, Instead of offering comfort and coping strategies, we're here to accelerate the suicide process. We're facilitators.

    Fred Tilby-Jones 1 mins (UK, 2016)

    'If you go down to the woods today...' In a forest, dark and deep, a man attempts to escape an unseen hunter.
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    Ben Mallaby 3 mins (UK, 2016)

    A selfless stranger helps out a struggling couple.

    Samia Rida 4 mins (UK, 2016)

    Our cavewoman is a person with ideas and inventions that she believes could even change the world. All she has to find now is a caveman to say them for her...

    Sam Baron 4 mins (UK, 2016)

    A pool cleaner's libido threatens to embarrass him in front of his crush, but her insecurity makes her see things differently.

    Graeme Willetts 3 mins (UK, 2016)

    When a predator grooms a naive, underage victim in a chat room, a harsh lesson is learned. Be careful who you talk to online.

    Jake Balfour-Lynn 3 mins (UK, 2016)

    A Chinese exam veers off-syllabus when Jenkins discovers George's extra curricular activities.

    Freddie Hall 4 mins (UK, 2016)

    Donald is engaged and wants Patrick to be his best man. However, when Patrick is asked to go beyond the call of duty he starts to question Donald's sanity.

    Giles Ripley 2 mins (UK, 2016)

    A cleaning lady gets down and dirty with one not-so-lucky caller.

    Charlotte Regan 5 mins (UK, 2016)

    Gary and Jenny share the same cramped “office space” as all beat cops: the front seat of a patrol car. Their evolving relationship is an emotional rollercoaster ride that stands in often-comedic contrast to the procession of thugs and criminals filling the back seat.

    Harry Jackson 8 mins (UK, 2016)

    'When you're a Jew, you're a Jew all the way, from your first Bar Mitzvah to your last dying day.' Wouldn't it be great if 'West Side Story' was set in the Middle East? Probably not. But drama teacher, Ms. Reynolds, thinks it would. 'Middle East Side Story' is an all-singing all-dancing, mockumentary about Ms Reynolds 'artistic residency' at a multicultural, inner city school.

    Michael Healy 13 mins (UK, 2016)

    Mark’s job interview falls to pieces when the Boss tells him to forget about boring office work, and to get out there and live his dreams! But Mark’s only passions are making spreadsheets and getting to bed at a reasonable hour.