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SPECIAL EVENT: Begotten + Live Score by The Begotten

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19:00 Sun 8 Jan 2017

Moth Club

Begotten (E. Elias Merhige, US 1990, 72 mins)

Listed at number 23 in ‘The 50 Most Disturbing Movies’, this daring, intense and beguiling film tells the surreal tale of the death and rebirth of gods. Begotten is an utterly surreal visual journey made up of thick, grainy black and white images of horror.

This screening from 16mm film will be accompanied by a live score from The Begotten, whose bizarre bundle of electronics, guitars, eerie vocals and heavy chains pay tribute to the film from whence their name came. The Begotten are William Fowler, Justin Harries, Mark Pilkington and Jo Fisher Roberts.

Moth Club

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