IN THE DISTANCE, Dir. Florian Grolig
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: International: Space is the Place

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18:30 Sun 8 Jan 2017

Picturehouse Central

Space is physical, mental, concrete, abstract, corporeal, metaphysical, cinematic, digital. From the Scandinavian hinterlands to the public confessional of the internet, these eight diverse films explore the amorphous and evolving dimensions of space, the influence we have on the world around us and the way the our environments impact on us too.

Picturehouse Central

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    Florencia Aliberti 15 mins (AR, 2016)

    (Self)exhibitions is a found footage documentary made with home movies, approaching new forms of self-representation and exhibition and the dynamics of repetitions and iterations that determine the way we show ourselves on the Internet.

    Gunhild Enger and Jenni Toivoniemi 14 mins (SE, 2016)

    Three delegates from Sweden, Norway and Finland are gathered in Lapland to decide on an art piece, which is to be placed where the three borders meet geographically. But the committee is in for a surprise. Instead of a sculpture, the commissioned artist presents his idea of a “Nordic Dance”.

    Francesca Bertin and Leonhard Kaufmann 10 mins (DE, 2016)

    Beyond the forest is the city of tomorrow, before the forest are the villages of yesterday.

    Lori Felker 15 mins (US, 2016)

    When Tabitha returns “home” after a separation from her boyfriend, Stephen, what they've been missing becomes opaquely clear and who they're becoming makes it hard for them to see each other. Their disconnections are mirrored in the film’s approach to editing, its confusion of time and space, and a free-wheelin' clowder of cats.

    Azim Moollan 4 mins (MU, 2016)

    A brief introspection in the life of a woman, a meditation on her blurred memories, as she speaks of her personal battles, her work, her relationship with her daughter and the fine line of addiction.

    Florian Grolig 8 mins (DE, 2016)

    It's calm and peaceful above the clouds. But chaos lurks in the distance and each night, it draws closer.

    Andrés Ramírez Pulido 20 mins (CO, 2016)

    Two teenagers break into El Edén an abandoned spa in the middle of the thick vegetation. The violence once lived there is embodied in them.

    Flatform 8 mins (IT, 2016)

    A town observed from the hill facing it is treated as an architectural model illuminated by the lights of a home interior. The sounds cancel the distance of the shot, amplifying the details of places and actions lit up by beams of light. Places and actions appear as miniatures and are animated by the turning on and off of the lights in the room. The sounds of a wind band shift and double. The aria of an opera, deprived of voice, reverberates in the subtracted lights and landscape.