VALERIA, Dir. Erin Vassilopoulos
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: International: Fight or Flight

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16:30 Sun 8 Jan 2017

Picturehouse Central

For this screening of international shorts, nine filmmakers have delved into the psychological, physical and political ramifications of violence and trauma. Moving from acts of military sanctioned bloodshed to the existential crisis of reconstructive surgery, these films are a disturbing and frank examination of grief, upset and shock. 

Picturehouse Central

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    Mark Olexa and Francesca Scalisi 12 mins (CH, 2016)

    Summer 2014. Rural Bangladesh. “I came from Heaven. I came to destroy all bad things in the world. I'm a police officer. I'm a flower angel. I got a job at the police station. I will punish them. I will put them in jail.”. This is the story of a girl and the tragedy that changed her life.

    Hannibal Mahé 15 mins (FR, 2016)

    Manu runs away from juvie. Outside, nobody pays attention to him.

    Ali Asgari and Farnoosh Samadi 15 mins (IT, 2016)

    Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugees in Italy. On their visit to the doctor, Fatma has to translate what the doctor tells to her mother but she keeps silent.

    Rito Unt 18 mins (EE, 2016)

    A dachshund and a monkey are waiting for their Master, in vain. One day he is just not coming home any more. From that day on their mutual life starts –life of two animals left by themselves, life of their coherency, struggle for authority and longing for the master, their fears and growing used to them. And about their perdition.

    Aurore Peuffier 8 mins (FR, 2016)

    A wolf is taken down and brought back to the village as a trophey. But the animal is not dead and the bullet lodged in its skull and has repercussions on its psyche.

    Erin Vassilopoulos 20 mins (US, 2016)

    Discharged from the hospital after a partial face transplant, Eva is struck by an insatiable curiosity about her donor, with whom she feels increasingly connected. In her quest to find out more about the unnamed woman, Eva makes a series of discoveries that lead her into uncharted territory.

    Yamil Quintana 14 mins (MX, 2016)

    In a half-urbanized community in the Mexican tropics, Santiago and his friends Antonio and Miguel are having a fun afternoon, sharing jokes, pranks, and dreams, as they straddle the boundary between childhood and adult life. The discovery of some charred human remains will draw them sharply back to reality, as a stark reminder of the horrors of drug trafficking.