New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Girlhood

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16:00 Sun 8 Jan 2017

Hackney Picturehouse

Powerful stories meditating the trials and tribulations of young girls coming into womanhood in a man’s world. We visit the world of competitive swimming, life on the road for a gigging front women, edgy sex parties at a remote English seaside town and the eye opening experiences of a young girl visiting family in Ghana.

Hackney Picturehouse

270 Mare Street, London
E8 1HE
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    Alex Withers 18 mins (UK, 2016)

    16 year old swimmer Jane suffers the return of her epilepsy before a crucial competition. With her swimming career on hold and her quality of life under threat, she must decide just where her priorities lie - before it's too late.

    Teresa Griffiths 5 mins (UK, 2016)

    Inspired by Shakespeare’s late great play The Tempest, Miranda’s Letter adds a new twist to the 400 year old story. This small but powerful film imagines the story of Miranda’s missing mother who does not feature in the play. The film was commissioned by the British Council for their Shakespeare Lives season and was filmed on location in Devon.

    Mdhamiri A Nkemi 8 mins (UK, 2016)

    An experimental musical narrative following a singer and a fan after a gig, presenting a portrait of loneliness, inhibitions and ambitions.

    Sara Dunlop 14 mins (UK, 2016)

    In a dead end seaside town, Pixie and her gang have spent their summer exploring a new kind of high. The arrival of the unfamiliar Blondie signals a change in the group routine, causing her to struggle with unfamiliar feelings.

    Bryan M. Ferguson 2 mins (UK, 2016)

    An angsty 17 year old girl sucker punches her parent’s hopes for her future by aspiring to donate her skeleton to gelatine.

    Myriam Raja 4 mins (UK, 2016)

    Parveen will always see her daughter Khadejah as a little girl. However, on Khadejah's 18th birthday, the tender bond between mother and daughter is strained as Parveen is left to face one of her biggest fears.

    Toa Stappard 14 mins (UK, 2016)

    South London. Four in the morning. A man tries to save the ones he loves.

    Koby Adom 16 mins (UK, 2016)

    House Girl is a coming-of-age story about Jennifer, a young British girl of Ghanaian descent who goes on holiday to Accra, Ghana for the first time.

    Paul Holbrook & Sam Dawe 18 mins (UK, 2016)

    A tormented and neglected twelve year old finds solace watching classic western movies. When she finds a gun in her late father's loft she stands up to her tormentors, just like her violent gunslinging heroes.