New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: A Winter's Matinee Of Romantic Films

This event has ended.

14:00 Sun 8 Jan 2017

Hackney Picturehouse

Blossoming romances and love affairs for the ages bring a little warmth to your cold wintry heart in the form of this feel-good January matinee. From a crush on a suburban goth to surreal turns at speed dating, to waking up in a romantic comedy, and even the sad, sweet love of a dog for its owner. Watch out for Alice Lowe, Ray Panthaki, Jason Flemyng, and Alexandra Roach.

Hackney Picturehouse

270 Mare Street, London
E8 1HE
0871 902 5734

    Riley Madincea 9 mins (UK, 2016)

    A man wakes up to find he is the star of his very own Hollywood blockbuster, but his life's dream soon becomes a nightmare.

    Neville Pierce 10 mins (UK, 2016)

    Widowed artist Rebecca (Alice Lowe, SIGHTSEERS, PREVENGE) is looking for new love. But her dinner dates are ruined by the ghost of her cheating dead husband Nigel (Christien Anholt, RELIC HUNTER). Can Rebecca exorcise Nigel’s ghost? Or will the relentless spirit keep her trapped in her past forever? A comedy about love, death and dating apps.

    Megan K. Fox 4 mins (UK, 2016)

    Emma has some big decisions to make as she comes to terms with her sexuality and learns to love herself.

    Kawita Sareen 8 mins (UK, 2016)

    Drake is like any other teenager and all he wants to do is kiss the goth-girl of his dreams, who also happens to be his best friend's sister. But what is he to do? Well become Dracula of course.

    Alice Seabright 13 mins (UK, 2016)

    Pee. Wait. Panic. Steph is in a happy, long-term relationship, but now that she might be pregnant she has no idea what she wants.

    Christopher Manning 9 mins (UK, 2016)

    Jamie, a quiet loner in his early twenties, is clumsily looking for his first relationship. Shy and lacking self-confidence, his past experiences with men have yielded disappointing results. One Sunday, he meets Ben. As they spend the afternoon together, Jamie begins to wonder if he has finally met his match.

    Goran Stolevski 19 mins (UK, 2016)

    A doctor's tentative romance with the hospital's Arabic interpreter is evolving into something deeper. But everything is not as it seems.

    Jennifer Sheridan 8 mins (UK, 2016)

    When Patch's beloved owner goes missing, he is forced to work out how to live in an unfamiliar world and deal with his loss.

    Freddy Syborn 13 mins (UK, 2016)

    D breaks a little boy's nose on the bus one day after he refuses to stop feeling her breasts. D runs off the bus - and straight into the path of an oncoming car, which kills her. Charlie, D's boyfriend, reads her diary. In it, he discovers a drawing of what looks like an island underneath the title ISLA TRAENA. He googles it to discover that the island really does exist - in Norway. Charlie visits Isla Traena. He gets a phone call from the real Isla Traena, a girl who reveals that she'd been having an affair with D. Charlie processes his anger through the medium of dancing like D'Angelo on top of a rock in the middle of the sea.