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NEW SHORTS: Family Affairs

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13:00 Sat 17 Jan 2015


You can choose your friends but not your relatives. Family bonds can be a hindrance and a blessing. Watch out for Jodie Whitaker and Edward Hogg in EMOTIONAL FUSEBOX, Clint Dyer in FAMILY REUNION, and Jo Hartley IN I DON’T CARE.

(106 min)


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
Full £13-4 / Concessions £11-2 / Blue Members £7-8


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  • BABY

    Saul & Josh 15 mins (UK, 2014)

    Teenage farmhand Anya spends her days helping her abusive brother’s upkeep of an isolated farm before a violent incident leaves him incapacitated and helpless. Unsure how much of the monster remains within, Anya is forced to care for the man that previously tormented her in this film that examines our notions of morality and compassion pushed to their very limits.

    Francis Lee 9 mins (, 2014)

    Shot in one continual take with one locked off camera position, a family take the 10.22 train from Bradford to London when Dad looses his rag, pregnant Mam concocts a surprise whilst their teenage daughter aches from embarrassment on just another 'typical' family outing...

    Ignatz Johnson Higham 4 mins (, 2014)

    Dömestik explores the notion of space and how we might go about describing and measuring it on a human scale. It is a light lament to the domestic furniture showroom. It's about how we interact with our homes and each other. It's an observation of the public at home in public. Dömestik explains, in amateur terms, concepts about space and the paradoxical nature of particle observation. The idea that something can both exist and not be observable or even tangible.

    Edward Bishop 5 mins (, 2014)

    Edie, a little girl with a big passion for all things intergalactic, is desperate to communicate with aliens. When she discovers a special toy in next door’s garden she believes she’s been sent a sign, but how can she convince her family when they say that aliens don’t exist? If only the aliens would send her further proof!

    Rachel Tunnard 14 mins (, 2014)

    Anna (Jodie Whittaker) lives a hermit’s life in her Mum’s garden shed. She wants to stay there but her Mum has other plans.

    David Kitchen 11 mins (, 2014)

    A close-knit London family are moving from the mourning of their mother to the celebratory events that lie ahead; Dad’s 60th for starters. As Dad’s adult children set the plans in motion, secrets are revealed. Will these secrets remain or will this family be torn apart forever?

    Tom Ruddock 12 mins (, 2014)

    Hello Again is a drama about Owen, after a sleepless night from his Mothers funeral the day before, he decides to avoid his father and visit her grave. Through a misunderstanding he meets Maura, who's visiting her recently deceased Father’s grave. Together they try to find a way to connect with the loved ones they’ve lost.

    Carolina Giammetta 14 mins (, 2014)

    Ollie, young ‘mum to be’ faces her worst nightmare, the possibility of having a child with Down’s Syndrome. She takes on a gardening job and develops a friendship with a family, which includes 12 year old Jacques. An incident where Ollie is left alone with Jacques, challenges her ability to deal with difference.

    Joe Bateman 6 mins (, 2014)

    Annie’s child, Keli, has grown up and flown the nest, but has only made it as far as next door. As husband Rudie searches fruitlessly for work, Keli gossips with Annie over the garden fence. But today could be different. With the chance of a steady job at the market, this time, surely, Rudie can’t fail...

    Dan Sully 16 mins mins (UK, 2014)

    It’s the week before Christmas and Adam, an only child, sees his mum's boyfriend Lee involved in something he shouldn't be with some dangerous looking men. That night, Lee tells Adam about Senka- a wolf-like beast that will bring harm to the family on Christmas Day if Adam isn’t a ‘good boy’. As Christmas nears Senka starts haunting Adam and the 'situation' Lee has got himself worsens.