FLABZILLA, Kayleigh O'Keefe
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: WTF: Outside The Box [+ filmmaker Q&As]

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19:30 Thu 15 Jan 2015

Hackney Picturehouse, Hackney Attic

Tickets: £10

We want to showcase some of the more out-there moments that are submitted to the Festival, and also invite the filmmakers for a Q&A following their films. Tonight’s showcase promises to be a unique session as we get to grips with knitted nudists in er… NUDINITS, phantoms and parakeets and super-8 excursions in THE RIDDLE (GHOST CHAIR), and a search for psy-trance in THE COOL CLUB. Or join our modern day Alice in WANDERLAND, and watch out for FLABZILLA and the CAKE LOONY. This is one screening that will open your eyes to the crazy possibilities of filmmaking!

Filmmaker Q&As hosted by Gem Carmella (Short Sighted Cinema / Super Bad Ass Action Hero.

(83 min)

Hackney Picturehouse

270 Mare Street, London
E8 1HE
0871 902 5734

    Magnus Irvin 3 mins (, 2014)

    A short film exploring one man's difficult relationship with cake.

    Kayleigh O'Keefe & Bill Rodgers 3 mins (, 2014)

    A morbidly obese behemoth rises from the sea and uses her body mass to attack the city of London, subverting the concept of the monstrous fatty and challenging common perceptions of an ‘othered’ physique.Shot in Super 8, an ethereal underwater sequence and intricate cardboard city set the scene for artist Kayleigh O’Keefe’s continued experimentation with exposure and embodiment.

    Katy Harrison-Taylor 10 mins (UK, 2014)

    The Full English Art World offers a unique insight into the roles and characters of today's art scene, presented by emerging artist Katy Harrison-Taylor. This art film, shot in the spur of the moment, brings together a well loved recipe and the mysterious personas of the Art World, for a tongue-in-cheek dish for all to enjoy.

    Luke Harkus-Jeffries 1 mins (, 2014)

    I am fascinated by the human condition and our attraction to the taboo. By researching horror film theories and psychoanalysis, Little Toilet delves into an uncanny universe and investigates such themes as the grotesque, dark satire, violence within our entertainment, and why we are attracted to such content. The underlying question behind my work is: "When do horrific actions and taboo subjects become acceptable as a source of entertainment and humour?"

    Sarah Simi 22 mins (, 2014)

    In a cosy corner of England there are a couple of things the villagers are far too polite to mention. Everyone is naked and there's a huge double entendre in the room. In the world's first all knitted animation, nudinits are the quirky inhabitants of Woolly Bush, a village bursting with Britishness and bare bottoms.

    Charles Willmott 10 mins (, 2014)

    After being electrocuted, computer coder Dylan encounters a strange Psychedelic woman who gives him a card from her golden box. It reads 'Cool Club' and nothing else. On his journey Dylan encounters characters based on Greek Mythology and learns more about the mysterious club.

    Jessica Ashman 5 mins (UK, 2014)

    Inspired by the anatomical illustrations of the German physician Fritz Kahn, 'The Cycle' shows the repetitive, never ending madness of love, relationships and heartbreak and the emotional machines that control these processes. All of which are seen from deep inside the body of one anonymous, troubled woman...

    Paul Tarragó 11 mins (, 2014)

    Experimental but heartfelt, all fiction, mostly video. Featuring: phantoms, parakeets, some animation, much smoke, Super 8 excursions, several actors. This is: an extrapolation from 'Making things meaningful' (2003), a deviation from the first paragraph of 'The Riddle' (1812), a science fiction story, a fairytale, a consideration of representation and form PLUS several science explorations by the filmmaker.

    Harry Lindley 18 mins (, 2014)

    After murdering her abusive stepfather, Our Girl is left to wander the streets of London in search of a better life. Over the course of one night, she encounters a homeless priest, is abducted by a lonely, jilted bride and witnesses a bizarre stage show performed by a menacing magician.