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NEW SHORTS: God's Lonely Men 2 - Going Solo

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21:00 Tue 13 Jan 2015

Hackney Picturehouse, Screen 3

Modern society sees a lot of lonely men out there, growing old without friends or family, whether by choice or by accident, or maybe they have personal reasons for being alone. Game of Thrones’ Luke Barnes stars in TOBY, Dean ‘Scor-zay-zee’ Palinczuk is the rapper in GARY THE RAPPER VS STEFAN BLIX, and we hear from cancer sufferers Wilko Johnson and Iain Banks in ANOTHER GREEN WORLD.

(101 min)

Hackney Picturehouse

270 Mare Street, London
E8 1HE
0871 902 5734

    Aristotelis Maragkos 2 mins (UK, 2014)

    A drawing line explores the life and death of my Grandfather. Through a fluid line etching out the shaky outline of the story of his Grandfather’s unconventional life and unexpected death in rural Greece, the artist is also discovering parts of himself and sharing his reflections on their identities.

    Christina Hardinge 7 mins (, 2014)

    When faced with death, we rediscover life. A nameless man allows us to experience the world through his eyes and ears, following him on a journey to acceptance. The film is constructed from words and thoughts expressed in interviews with people diagnosed with terminal cancer. These people include the writer/director's father, as well as influential musician Wilko Johnson and Scottish author Iain Banks.

    Mark Devenport 13 mins (, 2014)

    A has-been and a never-was battle their neurosis to finish a rap track together. Reclusive has-been Stefan lives in the shadow of his former success (5 minutes of fame in a forgotten micro-genre). Shy office worker Gary finally wants to manifest his latent talent for hip hop. Their collaboration will either break them out of their stasis, break THEM, or both.

    Jeremiah Quinn 11 mins (, 2014)

    Two mysterious men meet for coffee, cake and a chat in Buenos Aires in 1960. They agree to speak English. They agree on what names they will use. Their strange brotherhood and their incredible dark secret is slowly revealed as their identities are exposed. Based on truth.

    John & Tom Turrell 14 mins (, 2014)

    A young drifter wakes up at dawn by a riverbank. Staying close to the water he journeys through the countryside, washing, eating and meeting people along the way. Through his encounters he reveals his mission to find his grandmother, Savage. As the day progresses however, it becomes clear that he harbours a dark and dangerous nature...

    Jenny Lu 23 mins (, 2014)

    An astronaut moves to a riverside town in England to enjoy his retirement. His old fame stirs a little scene in the local café but when a moon conspiracy theorist visits the local town, the astronaut's career is thrown into a question.

    Tristan Shepherd 20 mins (UK, 2014)

    Norah is on the verge of womanhood and it’s not only her body that’s changing, but her perception to the world that she lives in, and the man that rules that world. As the outside closes in, Norah’s mind is opened to the possibility of a life beyond the house, and she begins to question whether the walls of her confinement are simply in her mind.
  • TOBY

    Jonathan Schey 7 mins (, 2014)

    Toby’s 25. He lives at home with his mum and works down the road at the local supermarket. He’s had the same job since he was a teenager, only the customers still don’t notice him. No one ever does. But Toby’s decided to do something – and tonight, everything could change…

    Edward Crompton 4 mins (, 2014)

    A found tape reveals a mystery of two corpses washing up on an Isle of Man beach. A disembodied male voice ruminates over his compulsion to live by the sea, the geometry of sea and sky and the striking impression left by the gory discovery. The voice muses on love and death as it struggles to decipher the apparently meaningful events