OLD HABITS, The Brothers Lynch
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NEW SHORTS: God's Lonely Men 1 - Under Attack

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18:45 Tue 13 Jan 2015

Hackney Picturehouse, Screen 3

In the 21st century, the male of the species is constantly being attacked from all sides, told to move with the times yet remain a macho role model. This powerful selection of dramas includes Cannes 2014 award winner CROCODILE, plus gangster dramas THE KING IS DEAD (featuring Russell Tovey & Danny Webb) and OLD HABITS (featuring David Warner & Ronald Pickup).

(107 min)


    Ryan Vernava 22 mins (UK, 2014)

    Jack Cravan is a man down on his luck and at the bottom of a bottle. After a drunken night with a pile of old VHS tapes of his son's favourite childhood show, Jack notices an opportunity to try and turn back the clock and reconnect with his estranged son. Jack Cravan needs to go and see a man about a dog...

    Ewa Banaszkiewicz & Mateusz Dymek 6 mins (, 2014)

    In an abandoned car park, two young male gang members with girls make-up forced onto their faces, are about to murder their elder… BEASTS is a violent yet seductive auteur cinema event. Through an evocative soundscape, striking cinematography, and visceral choreography, this short film explores themes of gender, masculinity, and innocence while provoking questions about the innateness of evil.

    Iain Finlay 19 mins (, 2014)

    Roger Mure is a middle aged man, clinging on to the past and facing a mid life crisis, attempts to hold it together over a weekend of confidence and team-building workshops organised by his employer. Tension builds as his boss, who also happens to be his ex wife’s father, puts Roger’s patience to the test.

    Mark A. C. Brown & Frederic Fournier 5 mins (, 2014)

    In these austere times people are turning to ever more extreme methods to keep their heads above water. Corinthian is the story of two such people who decide that when their backs are against the wall and their way of life is threatened to fight. Literally. In the underground world of bareknuckle boxing they battle for more than just money or glory.

    Gaëlle Denis 16 mins (, 2014)

    A headmaster receives news that his daughter has been killed by a crocodile while on a gap year in Kenya. He struggles to deal with well-wishers who just don't quite know what to say. At night, he is besieged by nightmares. Finally, he snaps, and has to confront the beast.

    Cyrus Trafford 3 mins (UK, 2014)

    Two friends play a game, when things suddenly get real....The genesis of the film is actually based on a true story that happened between two good friends of mine, who subsequently worked on the film as well. The film is extremely specific, so really pay close attention so you don't miss anything.

    The Brothers Lynch 13 mins (UK, 2014)

    'Old Habits' is a black comedy-drama about two estranged brothers in their 70's coming to pay their respects to their recently deceased father. It's not long before we realise 'paying respects' isn't the only thing they are there for. Guns are drawn and a shoot-out of comical proportions takes place as the two brothers attempt to settle their differences... even if it kills them.

    Marcus Armitage 2 mins (, 2014)

    A family's last dinner before he leaves to join the Army. The reality of the situation begins to break in through the four surrounding walls. A painted oil on glass film.

    Jonathan Birch 12 mins (, 2014)

    Plagued by disturbing visions and drawn inexorably to a portable radio, Tyrone, a paranoid schizophrenic scans obsessively through the frequencies, searching amid the static. As his paranoia intensifies the radio takes on a sinister tone and he uncovers a conspiracy between his grandmother and ex-girlfriend against him. Primed for danger, his rage turns against his family and their perceived betrayal.

    Richard Higson 9 mins (, 2014)

    There's a mole in the organisation, and Lionel doesn't like moles. So he’s brought his right hand men Nicky and Frank together, and he's going to find out just who has a loose tongue, whatever it takes…