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NEW SHORTS: Teenage Girls Go Crazy!

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18:00 Sat 10 Jan 2015

Hackney Picturehouse, Screen 3

Wild girls go through their young lives leaving a cloud of dust and mayhem in their wake as they find their way to adulthood. A selection of films that are hard hitting and bittersweet in equal measure, while pulling no punches. Leicester 1980 is setting for BEVERLEY as we follow a mixed race girl finding her way (featuring Laya [SKINS] Lewis & Vicky [THIS IS ENGLAND] McClure), while Ewan Bremner is under attack in a 1980s girls boarding school in EXCHANGE & MART.

(99 min)

  • 7.2

    Nida Manzoor 15 mins (, 2014)

    7.2 is an action-drama that follows Cleo, a schoolgirl, who regains consciousness to find herself lying on the ground with no memory of who she is, only to be confronted by Daisy, the school bully, who issues a cryptic ultimatum. Will Cleo get to the library to avoid disembowelment?

    Alexander Thomas 25 mins (, 2014)

    Beverley is set in Leicester in 1980. It follows a mixed-race girl’s struggle to carve out a sense of identity in a confusing, shifting cultural landscape. A move from the decaying, poverty-stricken, urban environment to the relative comfort and theoretical safety of white suburbia does not provide the hope and opportunities Bev may have wished for.

    Cara Connolly & Martin Clark 15 mins (, 2014)

    Girls boarding school in the remote Scottish Highlands, 1986. Reg is a lonely 15 year old girl, who stares longingly out of her dorm window at the chainsaw wielding tree surgeon working in the school grounds. Reg and her classmates have to take part in a self defense exercise - The Attack Test. Alone, Reg must walk through the woods until she is attacked by her masked teacher, Mike, at which point she must defend herself using force.
  • FIBS

    James Sharpe 15 mins (, 2014)

    FIBS is a story set in a nowhere town on the Bristol coast, in that strange time between school finishing and your parents coming home, and is the tale of Naomi, a teenage girl lost in a fantasy, who will say anything to try and win back her older ex-boyfriend.

    Chloe Wicks 2 mins (, 2014)

    A young girl runs through green fields towards a crumbling, abandoned house. Someone is watching her. In her panic, the girl hides, cornering herself at the top of the house. Who is pursuing her?

    Christine Sherwood 20 mins (, 2014)

    Lashes, adapted from the short story 'Feathers and Cigarettes' by Andrew Lloyd-Jones, follows 16 year old Ashley on a day where her true authentic self collides with the person she's been trying to be. A cheating boyfriend and a deceiving new friend makes her realise the world she has been trying to fit into isn’t everything she had hoped for.

    Richard Standen & Tom Stanley 7 mins (, 2014)

    It's the last few weeks of summer. When the new term starts, best friends Emma (18) and Hannah (18) will go their separate ways to different universities. They wind away the time in Emma's bedroom talking about boys, dreams and the dead. Produced as part of Girl From The North Country.