A PORTRAIT, Dir. Aristotelis Maragkos
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Animation Selection

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14:00 Sat 10 Jan 2015


This animation selection showcases the best of animated films sent to the Festival, including new work from Robert Bradbrook, Peter Millard, Kim Noce, Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson, Sophie Koko Gate and Stephen McNally. All films in this programme are nominated for the Encounters Animation Award.

(96 min)


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
Full £13-4 / Concessions £11-2 / Blue Members £7-8


Please find all access information here, or drop a line to Helen MacKenzie at access@shortfilms.org.uk for more information or special requests.


    Aristotelis Maragkos 2 mins (UK, 2014)

    A drawing line explores the life and death of my Grandfather. Through a fluid line etching out the shaky outline of the story of his Grandfather’s unconventional life and unexpected death in rural Greece, the artist is also discovering parts of himself and sharing his reflections on their identities.

    Robert Bradbrook 17 mins (, 2014)

    Arriving on a small, tranquil island, DJ Pete causes a stir among the insular locals with his fresh and irreverent radio show. Only one islander, Laura, welcomes the newcomer with open arms. But as the island’s landscape shifts over time, so does Pete’s relationship with Laura and his new home.

    Ignatz Johnson Higham 4 mins (, 2014)

    Dömestik explores the notion of space and how we might go about describing and measuring it on a human scale. It is a light lament to the domestic furniture showroom. It's about how we interact with our homes and each other. It's an observation of the public at home in public. Dömestik explains, in amateur terms, concepts about space and the paradoxical nature of particle observation. The idea that something can both exist and not be observable or even tangible.

    Stephen McNally 3 mins (, 2014)

    Forgot is a short film about memory, emigration, longing, Jesus kitsch, cocktail sausages and children’s television.

    Peter Millard 2 mins (, 2014)

    Lemon cranberry apple banana cucumber orange lime melon gooseberry mandarin papaya pear blueberry apricot grapefruit grape watermelon rhubarb pineapple peanut cherry clementine are a selection of fruit fruit fruit...

    Shuangshuang Hao 4 mins (, 2014)

    The story was about a boy 'Mo' who has fears for growing up and ageing. The animation describes his mundane life moments, shows his fears of separation, mortality, taking responsibility, and standing out as an independent individual. I focus on childhood anxieties as a means of gaining insight to the anxieties of adults. As we mature, rationality and social pressures inhibit our instinctive responses as we learn to conceal our fears.

    Sophie Koko Gate 7 mins (, 2014)

    We are all born as wet as a banana. 75% water. By the time we reach adulthood, that amount decreases to 54%. Ageing is death by evaporation, thinks Gus. Gus is seeking solitude on a deserted beach, when he is interrupted by Tiny Eyes at dusk, on the eve of his 25th birthday.

    Bexie Bush 8 mins (, 2014)

    Cup of tea? Come and take a seat in Lyn's cosy front room, hear her story of love during wartime and watch as her belongings come alive with the hope, fear and humour of one spirited lady. Equal parts documentary, animation and magic, Mend and Make Do features the original voice of Lyn Schofield of Southport, Merseyside, a woman with a lifetime of tales to tell.

    Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson 8 mins (, 2014)

    Inspired by love, a misguided monkey believes he is destined for the moon. While man lands on the moon in 1969, a world famous psychologist experiments on primates to better understand the nature of love. Gandhi, one of his subjects, believes he is destined for the moon.
  • MY DAD

    Marcus Armitage 5 mins (, 2014)

    Inherited opinions. Inherited isolation. A short film depicting a Dad's influence on his son’s life. His judgmental character mixed with the boy’s fondness for his dad proves to be toxic and tears away at a world of opportunity and experiences. A graduation film from the Royal College of Art made with oil pastels and newspaper clippings.

    Joseph Wallace 5 mins (, 2014)

    Mark has just lost his job and his day is about to get a whole lot worse. A domestic tragedy exploring the surreal nature of losing someone you love.

    Marcus Armitage 2 mins (, 2014)

    A family's last dinner before he leaves to join the Army. The reality of the situation begins to break in through the four surrounding walls. A painted oil on glass film.

    Gudrun Krebitz 4 mins (, 2014)

    Sometimes I can´t sleep. Do you lie awake in bed at night sometimes too- and think of things? It´s difficult to fit in, especially when you are new in town. A hand drawn animated short full of awkwardness, fun, an imaginary friend and the things that keep you up at night while your mind plays you a best-of compilation of today´s conversations.

    Rebecca Manly 3 mins (, 2014)

    Three creatures search for food in the woods but soon find there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. This darkly comic short explores the themes of human nature, relationships and survival. All the puppets and props were made using recycled cardboard. The film was shot on location in Croydon.

    Jessica Ashman 5 mins (UK, 2014)

    Inspired by the anatomical illustrations of the German physician Fritz Kahn, 'The Cycle' shows the repetitive, never ending madness of love, relationships and heartbreak and the emotional machines that control these processes. All of which are seen from deep inside the body of one anonymous, troubled woman...

    Shaun Clark & Kim Noce 7 mins (, 2014)

    An animation about western society hidden fears. When the residents awake to find the key missing to the Town gate frustration soon sets in. Only this key is happy to be lost and keen to show some things should not be found.

    Joe Bichard 10 mins (, 2014)

    A dark tale of Love and Dismemberment.