THE LIVER, Dir. Henriett Tunyogi
New Shorts


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15:00 Sun 19 Jan 2014

Aubin Cinema

We celebrate all things celluloid and filmic in this programme of experimental work. Films that draw on the retro look of super 8 and 16mm film screen alongside reappropriated Hollywood images. We present very short work by artist filmmakers Stuart Pound, Rob Munday & Vicky Dale, Helen Nias and Magnus Irvin, more epic surreal celluloid extravaganzas The Liver and Bloodbridge, plus the experimental documentary Hoghole about robbery and memory on the island of St Vincent.

70 min


    Matty Ross 11 mins (UK, 2013)

    Bloodbridge is an experimental film, featuring the song 'Bloodbridge' by Graveyard Tapes. It follows a mysterious hermit as he journeys through the darkest depths of his mind. The film was shot entirely on 8/16mm, and inspired by an interest in mythology, psychoanalysis, and dream interpretation. Winner of Best Super8 film at the Timecode:NOLA Independent Film Festival in New Orleans, 2013.
  • CAKE

    Magnus Irvin 5 mins (UK, 2013)

    Fanny Haddock demonstrates how to make a Swiss roll using everyday, household ingredients.

    Daya Dodds 6 mins (UK, 2013)

    The Green Shoots of Recovery is a photographic portrait of a young girl (Gabriel Rattue) who is trying to make sense of her life in the mist of the recession. Using stock footage, double exposures and a combination of film formats we tell her journey. This is a part document, part experimental art film made as a re-action to the economic climate.

    Aiko Roudette 10 mins (UK, 2013)

    Hoghole is a documentary-art video set in St. Vincent in the West Indies. Through a series of interviews, inter cut with visual/sonic meditative sections on landscape, the film attempts to describe a gorgeous island crippled with crime. A personal narrative, the film features my mother and friends from our village. It is a composite work of both Super 8 and HD digital footage.

    Katie Goodwin 3 mins (UK, 2013)

    In Between Inception I & II is a two part animation made from the cutting room floor footage of Christopher Nolan’s 2010 film Inception. The first part is crazy fast and the second part delicately slow. The more you watch the more you notice the dust and other minutiae coming alive. The music soundtrack was composed by Wayne Urquhart destined for a film but this section was never used - as ode to the unseen and the unheard labour of cinema.

    Rob Munday and Vicky Dale 1 mins (UK, 2013)

    A flurry of film made from the receipt stubs that came with processed reels of Super 8.

    Henriett Tunyogi 21 mins (UK, 2013)

    A man dreams of his death and rebirth. The guardians of life and death accompany him through a surreal journey. As he calls on the spirits to linger awhile, he is re-birthed in various forms, identities and reflections.

    Harry Young-Jamieson 5 mins (UK, 2013)

    A woman's journey into a rural landscape and the performance of an ancient ritual. A sacrifice is offered up in the form of a burning effigy that results in an encounter with a formidable creature.

    Stuart Pound 4 mins (UK, 2013)

    A fragment taken from an well known Science Fiction film is changed into a semi-abstract experience in which the world is literally turned on its side.

    Helen Nias 4 mins (UK, 2013)

    SPIN: “Memory” Spiral attempts to visualise a common perception of time and a crude depiction of memory. It places analogue video clips from the filmmaker’s childhood in a spiral, with each rotation representing a year and each ‘spoke’ a month. The video footage is a version of the events which happened, many of which are no longer remembered.