UPROOT, Dir. Debjita Dhar
New Shorts


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16:00 Sat 18 Jan 2014

ICA, Cinema 1

A powerful selection of international dramas by British-based filmmakers, looking at the global wars and revolutions around the world in the 21st century. Exploring controversial topics, from mines in the tense drama Ismail, to drones in Drone Strike and roadblocks in Checkpost. The action moves from Palestine to Pakistan to Afghanistan, and to the world of asylum seekers in Barzakh. There’s a story of more personal conflict in India in Uproot as rich and poor clash in terrible circumstances.

107 min


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
£14 / concs £11

    Donogh MacCarthy-Morrogh 12 mins (UK, 2013)

    Forced to flee his home in war-torn Afghanistan, Rabah is confronted with the realities of the Irish asylum system as he seeks to rebuild his life.

    Aneel Ahmad 15 mins (UK, 2013)

    Three lives that will never be the same again. Three lives wounded by one bullet. On a remote highway in Pakistan.

    Chris Richmond 20 mins (UK, 2013)

    A day in the life of a devoted father and serving RAF drone pilot – juggling the normality of his domestic life with the warped reality of firing Hellfire missiles 4000 miles away in Afghanistan – and how one fateful decision shatters his conviction.

    Ihab Jadallah 17 mins (UK, 2013)

    In a refugee camp in Jenine, a flower seller struggles to earn a living, selling flowers at funerals, especially when martyrs are buried. Yet no one really cares for his flowers in this camp where opportunities for celebration and joy are scarce. He is an easy prey for the Israeli secret service.

    Nora Alsharif 28 mins (UK, 2013)

    Inspired by a day in the life of Palestinian painter Ismail Shammout (1930-2006), Ismail tells the compelling story of a young Palestinian struggling to support his parents after their expulsion to a Refugee camp in 1948 by the Israeli forces. Despite the wretched life and distressing conditions he holds to his dream to go to Rome to learn painting. One day and after selling cakes at the train station with his little brother, they heedlessly enter a minefield. As Ismail faces death, and in his struggle to save himself and his brother, we discover his true spirit.

    Debjita Dhar 15 mins (UK, 2013)

    Mumbai, India. Sharmi, a working mother, entrusts her baby in the care of a nanny. Driving home earlier than usual, she thinks she sees her baby in the arms of a beggar. On reaching home, she finds both baby and nanny missing. She desperately starts looking for them.