New Shorts

New Shorts #19: YOUTH OF TODAY

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12:30 Sat 12 Jan 2013

Curzon Soho

A selection of short films about growing up and coming-of-age in our difficult times. Teenage parties, an obsession with on-line violence, the peer pressure among urban youth making their way through the dangers of adolescence, and a different kind of view of the London riots. Watch out for actor Ray Panthaki’s directorial debut LIFE SENTENCE brilliantly shot in black and white by LA HAINE cinematographer Pierre Aïm.

Total: 113 mins

Curzon Soho

99 Shaftesbury Avenue

    James Webber 11 mins (UK, 2012)

    Driftwood is the story of fifteen-year-old Sam, a swimming prodigy, whose life operates in two very different worlds: a poignant antithesis between talent and achievement at the dawn of his sporting career, and fear and torment in his home and social life.

    Luke Seomore, Joseph Bull 4 mins (UK, 2012)

    On the edgelands of East London, a group of teenagers experience a disturbing encounter that leads to an awakening of consciousness

    David Alexander 13 mins (UK, 2012)

    Two young guys, following the instructions of the local older boys, set out to send a message to someone who has been snitching.

    Fergus Colville 9 mins (UK, 2012)

    A teenager fleeing arrest and a police officer running from a violent mob find themselves trapped together, in a dumpster, on the front line of a riot.

    Jonathan Entwistle 13 mins (UK, 2012)

    Benny and Aaron are best mates, dressed in ill-fitting zebra costumes for the biggest party of the summer. Through the haze of the morning after, Aaron has gone missing after a case of mistaken identity. How could they both be wearing the same costume? In a world of epic landscapes, girls dressed as Unicorns and the impending doom of a 'Blitz', Benny must piece together what has happened in order save his best friend.

    Jean-Philippe Blunt 10 mins (UK, 2012)

    In an insular all-boys private school a student is in search for a connection to the 'real' world and develops a particular interest in Internet sites with user-generated videos.

    Ray Panthaki 21 mins (UK, 2012)

    A hard hitting fictional story of two schoolboys and how their paths crossing one night in urban London, will affect both their families lives forever. Loosely Inspired by events affecting his own life, Life Sentence is the Directorial debut of British actor Ray Panthaki (Kidulthood, 28 Days Later, Ali G indahouse) and is Shot by World renowned Cinematographer Pierre Aim (La Haine)

    Luke Sullivan 15 mins (UK, 2012)

    Lullaby is story of Bobby an 11 year old surviving in the cruel and unforgiving underbelly of London. Bobby's day is spent couriering drugs around for his Mum's boyfriend. His Dad's grave is his only escape from his life. Until a tragic accident offers Bobby a chance of redemption.

    Shola Amoo, Nos Igbinedion 17 mins (UK, 2012)

    Sixteen year old school girl Yasmin arrives home after spending her afternoon with her secret black boyfriend Femi. She soon discovers that Femi is no longer a secret, as her parents introduce her to her new husband to be, Abdul, a man twice her age. What was a pleasant day in Femi's arms descends into a nightmare for Yasmin, as she is married off and taken to her new husband's home for a new life. Femi tries to make sense of it all, he searches for Yasmin, guided by her spirit and the innocence of youth. There seems to be no hope, until the true meaning of love and spirituality leads to their breakthrough. line between who belongs behind and in front of the bar becomes increasingly blurred.