New Shorts

New Shorts #17: LONDON LIVES

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19:00 Thu 10 Jan 2013

Museum of London Docklands Museum of London Docklands

A selection of short films that show off all the glory and diversity of our fair city, as well as a darker side that is not so welcoming. From bankers in the City to urban kebab shops, from the 2011 London Riots to everyday life in a typical backstreet pub. Watch out for Nick Moran as a nasty postman in 82.

Total: 116 mins

Museum of London Docklands

West India Quay, Canary Wharf, London
E14 4AL
020 7001 9844
£6 (concs £5, Friends £4)
  • 82

    Calum MacDiarmid 6 mins (UK, 2012)

    A postman in quiet English suburbia does his early morning rounds...he knows this street and its residents like the back of his hand, and today`s just another day, but for some reason, his mind is somewhere it is all about 82.

    Jeff Norton 7 mins (UK, 2012)

    When a suicidal banker is interrupted by a mysterious, teenage busker the encounter leads to a unconventional friendship.

    Dan Sully 4 mins (UK, 2012)

    Two friends sit in a kebab shop in London. One tells the other a story he'd heard about a boy who'd recently been stabbed by a gang in the street. He'd staggered into the very kebab shop they are sitting in, desperately looking for somewhere to hide, pursued by the gang, looking to finish him off. But the gang hadn't thought about the shop's owners...

    Srdan Keca 7 mins (UK, 2012)

    A recorded conversation with a man standing on the edge of a bridge in London is the starting point for this exploration of the night in the city. In the depth of the night a sense of common fragility emerges, only to be denied us as dawn approaches.

    Noel Goodwin 7 mins (UK, 2012)

    An old man looks out of a window at the world and remembers a date with a girl he loved and lost.

    Dean Anderson 11 mins (UK, 2013)

    Coming-of-age Drama about Grace (Natasha Kendall), a socially isolated 17-year-old, who momentarily finds solace in a sexual encounter with Darren (Robert Reina), an older man having a mid-life crisis. Upon finding Darren's lost wallet with a home address, Grace decides this would be an opportunity to track Darren down, and see him once again.

    Tristan Versluis 6 mins (UK, 2012)

    A short film to capture the spirit and magic of London's most vibrant and creatively infused boroughs, Hackney. Hackney means many things to many people. This suspenseful and cinematic short film delivers a mesmerizing insight into what Hackney has bubbling underneath its surface.

    David Hewitt 4 mins (UK, 2012)

    A few days after the four-day UK riots in 2011, many individuals across society gave their view as to the whys, wheres and hows. This film is one young person's view. Starring Adrian Skiman.

    Cary Sawhney 8 mins (UK, 2012)

    Inspired by Satyajit Ray's films Khaana explores the boundaries between the 'home' and the 'world'. It depicts a young orthodox Muslim woman and her husband who live in today's East London. The woman is clearly pregnant and through her preoccupation with food, we see her engagement with both her 'domestic' culture and the outside English world.

    Lynsey Miller 12 mins (UK, 2012)

    An exploration of childhood innocence in a tough modern urban environment, Paper Mountains tells the story of a young girl's journey to find a Princess. Nadia has been shouldered with more responsibility than an eight year old ever should but when she becomes captivated by the Princess in a travelling ballet performance, she makes the brave and dangerous decision to journey across South London to find her. Featuring performers from the English National Ballet.

    Duncan Roe 16 mins (UK, 2012)

    Travelling home, Alice goes out of her way to help a stranger in need, but things are not always as they seem.
  • PUB, THE

    Joseph Pierce 8 mins (UK, 2012)

    Kemi lives and works in the murky slipstream of a North London pub. As the booze flows the line between who belongs behind and in front of the bar becomes increasingly blurred.
  • SOME

    Julian Harding, Thom Haig 11 mins (UK, 2012)

    In a world where futuristic social media is more 'in your face' than ever before, Richard finds it hard to stick to his principles, and finds his job, relationship, and aspirations are all on the line.