New Shorts

New Shorts #21 Youth of Today

This event has ended.

12:00 Sat 14 Jan 2012

BFI Southbank

A selection of short films about growing up and coming-of-age. A confrontation on a night bus; an alcohol fuelled party; trying to get a band together; the terrible nature of bullying; an unwanted pregnancy…  this is young life at its most raw.

Tickets for this event are available on the BFI website, or by calling 020 7928 3232.

Films listed below are in alphabetical order. ****

BFI Southbank

Belvedere Rd, South Bank
£12.50 / concs £10.20

    Ben Peters 16 mins (UK, 2011)

    Amidst a vibrant house party, John, the isolated local gay lad, finds an opportunity to exact revenge on his straight oppressor, the popular and handsome Daniel. Boy kisses boy, drinking, fucking and regret: just another teenage party.

    Ryan Vernava 15 mins (UK, 2011)

    A man on parole, his pregnant girlfriend, a drunk, some youths and a struggling bus driver all share the number 50 bus as it traces through Birmingham at night. Little do they know this journey will change their lives forever...

    Daniel Jerome Gill 11 mins (UK, 2011)

    A day in the life of young teenager Michael, as he struggles to deal with his body image and the torments of the school bullies.

    Rebecca Coley 18 mins (UK, 2011)

    Two teenage girls find out they are pregnant on the same day at school. This is their journey to decide what to do.

    Rachel Tillotson 10 mins (UK, 2011)

    Lola romanticises the memories of two teenagers who she once hung out with, Zania and Kad.

    Naomi Wright 16 mins (UK, 2011)

    Steve is a nerdy school boy who instantly falls for the new girl - rebellious, rock-chick Stella. Too shy to ask her out directly, Steve instead transforms his image to match hers and forms a punk rock band with his friends.

    Mustapha Kseibati 16 mins (UK, 2011)

    A bullied teenage schoolboy teams up with two misfits to defeat the bully and win a girl's heart in a classic tale of overcoming the monster.