New Shorts

New Shorts #18 Fathers & Sons

This event has ended.

19:00 Fri 13 Jan 2012

Screen@ RADA

Experience a selection of powerful dramas as this short film programme zones in on the fraught relationships between father and son. No punches are pulled in these depictions of parental love, as things often spiral out of that control, but we never quite lose sight of the sweeter nature between dad and boy. Includes Peter Mullan in Douglas Hart’s Long Distance Information, and the new short film by award-winning director Simon Ellis in Jam Today. 

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Films listed below are in alphabetical order. ****


    Borkur Sigthorsson 18 mins (UK, 2011)

    When Stefan senses an intruder in his home, panic quickly turns to grim determination and he decides to arm himself for the inevitable confrontation.

    Jim Hosking 14 mins (UK, 2011)

    A father and son attempt some 'family time' together on a trip to the woods when they encounter a moaning man on the woodland floor, their frail relationship is tested to a breaking point.

    Simon Ellis 15 mins (UK, 2011)

    Robert is stuck on a boating holiday with his parents in the English countryside. Impatient to grow and become a man, an unexpected sight cracks his world open.

    Douglas Hart 8 mins (UK, 2011)

    Alex and his father are as distant emotionally as they are in miles. In the waning light of Christmas day Alex phones home.

    Rob Brown 10 mins (UK, 2011)

    A dysfunctional father and son make a surprising discovery about each other.

    Jae-Ha Myung 23 mins (UK, 2011)

    When Jack finds out his father has got an illegal shipment coming in, he sees an opportunity to prove himself in their exotic animal business.

    Andrea Harkin 6 mins (UK, 2011)

    Marty is a grungy young dad who shirks his parental responsibilities for the sake of partying. When left alone with the baby, he has a moment of stoner inspiration involving a Nirvana album cover, a rubber duckie, and just the right amount of weed.