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Screen Bandita + Suitcase Cinema

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18:30 Sun 8 Jan 2012

Hackney Picturehouse Attic

Screen Bandita Present… Reels From Life Two, Or: How We Learned to Love Postmodernism

Screen Bandita is a collective that strives to create an environment where previously abandoned film and visual ephemera can be given a new lease of life, through its contextual re-imagination and exposure to a new audience. Bandita celebrate the forgotten elements of film - not only through an engagement with vintage film formats, but also through the pursuit of film that has been lost, discarded or forgotten.

Collating a programme from reels recovered from junk shops and dusty attics, the thematic focus is upon films that typify the core elements of that most slippery of concepts - the so-called postmodern condition! The event promises a journey through visual spectacles and surreal moments, parades and performance, absurdities and banalities. The soundtrack will be provided by two suitably antiquated gramophones.

Suitcase Cinema

As part of this event, Suitcase Cinema will screen a rare 16mm documentary feature called ATOMIC CAFÉ (1982). Witness an explosive apocalypse-archive-meltdown of a movie; collating footage from the birth of nuclear warfare paranoia, documenting how ‘the bomb’ entered American Folklore and blackly mocking America’s cold-war Culture of Fear.

What is Suitcase Cinema?
The Suitcase Cinema is a 16mm projection based roving troupe, bringing the wonderment of celluloid to cafes, cinemas, galleries, back alleys, and follies.

How did Suitcase Cinema come about?
It was inspired by the tantalising dreams lying in wait inside film canisters caked under layers of attic dust. It thrives on threading up the lost & found 16mm films and re-birthing them to eager eyed audiences of the present day.

What excites Suitcase Cinema?
The sprocket rattle and flicker enchantment of our films, which has burned its way into our imagination and inspired us to make plastinated magic lantern shows of our own.

When else are Suitcase Cinema screening during LSFF?:
Friday 6 January: Opening Night at ICA bar - scratch animation

Saturday 14 January: Rich Mix - collaborative event with Making Tracks

Tickets: £5/£3 Picturehouse members.

Hackney Picturehouse

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