New Shorts

New Shorts #5 Femmes Fantastiques

This event has ended.

18:30 Sat 7 Jan 2012

ICA Cinema 1

This ever-popular selection of short dramas brings us femmes with attitude, encompassing girl gangs, revengeful acts, living with adversity and wandering independent souls. Includes Bronagh Gallagher (The Commitments, Pulp Fiction) as an ageing rock star still wild in Where Are They Now?

Films screening in this programme are eligible for the Underwire Award for Best Female Character. The winning film is guaranteed a screening at Underwire 2012 & the director will sit on the jury for the Underwire Best Director Award.

To book tickets for this programme visit the ICA website, or call 020 7930 3647.

Films listed below are in alphabetical order:


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
£14 / concs £11

    Nathan Hughes-Berry 11 mins (UK, 2011)

    Nikki is a young woman desperate to join ‘The Guards,’ an infamous all female gang. Will she be able to cope when faced with the violent reality of gang life?

    Magali Magistry 11 mins (UK, 2011)

    Love and loss in a Rio night club. How far will Luiza go to spend one more night with the man she loves ?

    Kate Jessop 5 mins (UK, 2011)

    A woman writes a letter to the son she gave up at birth, 27 years later.

    Kate Burton 16 mins (UK, 2011)

    Valerie, a hopeless waitress and Jason a melancholy neon sign maker are on separate paths and struggle through the everyday alone. Can fate under the guise of a cupid cowboy and a band of coffee bean ants bring them back together?

    Sonia Castang 12 mins (UK, 2011)

    Sisters Hayley & Jasmine don't want to be apart, but Hayley has to leave or they will never survive.

    Leanne Welham 15 mins (UK, 2011)

    Jody has insomnia. Almost every night she leaves her sleeping husband and child and fills the lonely twilight hours walking the empty streets of suburbia. But tonight is different.

    Orlando von Einsiedel 7 mins (UK, 2011)

    Amina Dibir is a 12 year old street hawker from Kano, Nigeria. She has a lot of things to say, but she can only do it on her imaginary radio show.

    Medeni Griffiths 12 mins (UK, 2011)

    When a young woman, isolated from the rest of the world, is unexpectedly met by a stranger, we watch her surprise grow to terror as she navigates the encounter. Who will escape unharmed?

    Joanna Coates 15 mins (UK, 2011)

    An emotionally loaded exchange between two strangers who wake up together - alternative music scenes, local heroes, high excitement and the long aftermath, when the bravado of youth starts to fade.