New Shorts

New Shorts #4 Here Come the Young Girls

This event has ended.

16:15 Sat 7 Jan 2012

ICA Cinema 1

A selection of short films that give us insight into the process of growing up and coming-of-age for women and young girls. Both hard-hitting and bittersweet in equal measures, this programme pulls no punches in its portrayal of life stories.

Films screening in this programme are eligible for the Underwire Award for Best Female Character. The winning film is guaranteed a screening at Underwire 2012 & the director will sit on the jury for the Underwire Best Director Award.

Book tickets for this programme on the ICA website, or by calling 020 7930 3647

Films listed below are in alphabetical order:


The Mall, St James's
020 7930 3647
£14 / concs £11

    Jo Lane 8 mins (UK, 2011)

    The cycle of life offers little inspiration when every day is the same and your future seems mapped out for you. Sometimes you need to take control any way you can.

    Samantha Harrie 13 mins (UK, 2011)

    Stacey is a gifted inventor who finds a discarded photocopier and accidentally invents a 3D copier that can make exact copies of absolutely anything - including people.

    Louise Marie Cooke 11 mins (UK, 2011)

    Eve is a girl full of emotions trapped by the world around her, longing to break free. Then she meets Jake and her world begins to open up.

    Andrea Harkin 21 mins (UK, 2011)

    In a remote village in the Welsh valleys, schoolgirl Rachel prepares a small celebration for her best friend Megan’s 15th birthday. Frustrated and intrigued by Megan’s suspicious behaviour, Rachel follows her friend into unknown territory and soon finds herself out of her depth.

    Jessica Lux 23 mins (UK, 2011)

    An 18 year-old girl arrives at St Andrews University in 2001 to find an alien world of glossy, upper-class girls intent on seducing their fellow student Prince William. Isolated, she finds hope in a mysterious boy who wears a silver jacket.

    Marta Calderon 8 mins (UK, 2011)

    Walking on the verge between morals and instincts, childhood and puberty. A young girl, finds for the first time, the strongest power of human being, seduction.

    Nele Hecht 20 mins (UK, 2011)

    Aida from out of town meets Nelson after a memorial service on a patch of ground where a house once stood. She persuades him to spend the day with her, showing her around the village and its environs.