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NEW SHORTS: Sketch Night + live comedy

CABIN PRESSURE, dir. Matthew Lee

NEW SHORTS: Sketch Night + live comedy

Wed 17 Jan 19:00 Moth Club

A festival favourite, the always popular Sketch Night returns with an evening of short shorts and live comedy, hosted by Gem Carmella (Short Sighted Cinema). This year, we’re packing belly laughs with a ventriloquist’s dummy with a life of its own, the smear test from hell, a lesson in, er, conceptual art appreciation, and, of course, the ubiquitous toilet humour sketch.

Interspersed with live comedy acts, we welcome on stage Ken Chung, winner of Dave’s Joke Of The Fringe 2017 at last year’s Edinburgh, and Short & Curly, comprising of Rebecca Shorrocks (Short) and Paul F Taylor (Curly), bringing with them props, one-liners and an inhuman amount of energy.

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