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SPECIAL EVENT: Crossroads + filmmaker Q&A


SPECIAL EVENT: Crossroads + filmmaker Q&A

Sun 15 Jan 16:00 Picturehouse Central

To complement this year’s riot grrrl underpinnings, we’re screening Tamra Davis’s noughties cult classic, Crossroads.

Crossroads (Tamra Davis, US 2003, 93 mins)

Yes it’s Britney Spears, a pre-Avatar Zoe Saldana, and a pre-OINTB Taryn Manning, but there’s much more to enjoy, including “Shonda Rhimes’ script: camp at its finest” (Simran Hans) and a peach of a concept for Britney and co to work with: “I’m on the road with a killer and you’re telling me not to be upset?”

Director Tamra Davis will join us for a Q&A following the screening, hosted by Simran Hans (Bechdel Test Fest).

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