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SPECIAL EVENT: New Queer Visions: Roots Manoeuvre


SPECIAL EVENT: New Queer Visions: Roots Manoeuvre

Sat 7 Jan 16:00 Moth Club

New Queer Visions hits the LSFF once more, with two separate strands of with bold and diverse storytelling exploring the queer experience at home and abroad.


Whether it is escaping hate or establishing home, finding love or just plain travelling, the dilemma remains – what happens next? A panoply of questions are raised and not always answered in these diverse tales about crossing borders and identities taking shape.

MUKWANO Cecilie McNair 19 mins Denmark

LIBERTÄD Brenda Avila-Hanna 10 mins US

ONE LAST NIGHT Kerem Blumberg 22 mins Israel

GAYSIANS Vicky Du 13 mins US

RANIYA Sidsel Møller Johnsen 27 mins Denmark

A donation from ticket sales will be donated to the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group and the Queer Kampala International Film Festival.

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