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NEW SHORTS: Midnight Movies

NEW SHORTS: Midnight Movies

Fri 15 Jan 23:00 Hackney Picturehouse (screen TBC)

A selection of strange and disturbing cinema, out and out horror, and creepy dreams and nightmares, keeping the tradition of cult late night screenings alive. Think zombies, video nasties, imaginary friends, and freaky families.

Film running order:

SEBASTIAN AND THEM Benjamin Bee 7 mins

TERRY AND BRENDA Jamie Hooper 15 mins

NASTY Prano Bailey-Bond 15 mins

THE MORRIGAN Colum Eastwood 15 mins

NIGHT LAND Christian Burnett 11 mins

FLYSPY Daniel M. Smith 20 mins

PIXEL SOLDIER Chris Iandy 20 mins

106 mins

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