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NEW SHORTS: Docs: London Stories

NEW SHORTS: Docs: London Stories

Thu 14 Jan 20:30 ICA Cinema 1

A chance to learn about real life London and Londoners; from East End steam baths and the typical boozer, from the lifelong newspaper seller to the morning commute, from Little Italy to New Cross. 

Film running order:

SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Tal Amiran 9 mins 

ECLIPSE Billy Bolton & Joe Wilson 2 mins 

NO 99 Elena Alessia Negriolli & Nina Ahmad 10 mins 

STEAMERS Rebecca Coley 10 mins 

COLIN O’BRIEN 65 Aaron Kyle 15 mins 

JAM&CHEESE Ewen Spencer 7 mins 


THE WENLOCK ARMS Ollie Verschoyle 7 mins 

JUS SOLI Somebody Nobody 16 mins 

PLATFORM 1 Jessica Bishopp 11 mins 

102 mins

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