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NEW SHORTS: God's Lonely Men: Going Solo

NEW SHORTS: God's Lonely Men: Going Solo

Tue 12 Jan 20:45 Hackney Picturehouse (screen TBC)

Modern society sees a lot of lonely men out there, whether by choice or accident. From faded rock stars to macho writers to the darker subjects of male suicide and life threatening illnesses, the lonely man is everywhere.

Film running order:

SHELTER Reggie Yates 14 mins

CATKINS Alexander Darby 10 mins

REST STOP Ben Masson 14 mins

SUNSET ROSE Zoe McCarthy 8 mins

THE LAUGHING KING Lindy Heymann 15 mins

IN WAITING Cecilia Stenbom 10 mins

I’M SORRY TO TELL YOU Ben Price 6 mins

BETTER THAN TOMORROW EuiJeong Hong 13 mins

I USED TO BE FAMOUS Eddie Sternberg 17 mins

106 mins

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