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NEW SHORTS: Fucked Up Love

NEW SHORTS: Fucked Up Love

Sat 9 Jan 15:00 Hackney Picturehouse, Cinema TBC

Our popular selection of fucked up shorts returns with stories of relationships gone wrong, from extra-marital affairs to role play sex games, from misread moments to prostitution. How we fuck with our minds and hearts.  

ROLE PLAY Philip James McGoldrick 20 mins

HOTEL SEX Dean Loxton 8 mins

MEN BUY SEX Alice Russel 8 mins

CRUELTY Anna Blandford 12 mins

THE VOICE OF REASON Riyadh Haque 5 mins

THE LIGHTER Amandine Kaya 4 mins

DUST Daniel Butler 6 mins

MORNING IS BROKEN Simon Anderson 11 mins

BOKS Mathias Askeland 7 mins

LOVE IS BLIND Dan Hodgson 6 mins

HEN PECKED Marcus McSweeney 13 mins

100 mins

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