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NEW SHORTS: Funny Shit

NEW SHORTS: Funny Shit

Fri 8 Jan 21:00 ICA Cinema 1

This popular opening night kick-off to LSFF returns to put a smile on your face and blow away the January blues. Watch out for performances from Steve Oram, Alexander MacQueen, Johnny Vegas, and Sheila Reid.  

Film running order:

MR DIRECTOR Andy Martin 7 mins  

DARK_NET Tom Marshall 12 mins  

JUST DESSERTS Michael Yanny 15 mins  

OH-BE-JOYFUL Susan Jacobson 14 mins  

MR MADILA Rory Waudby-Tolley 4 mins  

IF THE CUCKOO DON’T CROW Steve Kirby 2 mins  

CIRCLES Dean Puckett 14 mins  

WINGMAN Will Herbert 16 mins  

FAN GIRL Kate Herron 16 mins  

100 mins

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