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THE FILM THAT BUYS THE CINEMA [various directors]


THE FILM THAT BUYS THE CINEMA [various directors]

Fri 16 Jan 20:30 ICA CINEMA 1

A social-cinema-art-docu feature film, The Film That Buys The Cinema was born out of a very pressing concern: to secure the future of an 108 seat, completely independent Microplex Cinema in Bristol, England.

Created as a stream of lurid, poetic and bizarre otherworldly one minute episodes by a variety of filmmakers, like an old underground VHS mixtape or an exceedingly choice weave of unlikely YouTube hits. Each minute was newly shot by one of its different allies or former special guests – the filmmakers include: Ben Rivers, Jem Cohen, Emma Hedditch, Nicolas Roeg, Peter Strickland, Steven Eastwood, Jandek, Craig Baldwin, Beardyman, Mark Cousins, Stewart Home, Tony Grisoni, Andrew Kötting, Bill Morrison, Tim Plester, Portishead, Dudley Sutton, Jack Stevenson, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, and Jennet Thomas. This epic movie also provides a striking measure of how much rich, diverse creative talent there is around right now.
We hope to welcome some of the filmmakers involved to attend a Q&A session following the film.

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